Preparing for Surgery

There is a lot to think about before surgery, being prepared will help you to relax.


Following your operation you may suffer some discomfort as you heal.  Having help around the house for the first few days will make your recovery more comfortable.


After some operations, for example a tummy tuck, it is extremely important not to pick up heavy objects.  This includes children! Support at home to look after small children in the weeks following surgery is essential.


Most surgery will require some time off work.  The recommended length of rest and recuperation differs between procedures, so it is best to seek advice from our surgeon.

Travel Arrangements

Think about how you would like to get home following an operation.  For small skin lesion operations which require only local anaesthetic it may be possible to drive yourself but for most surgery and any which requires a general anaesthetic you will need to arrange transport to get you home safely and comfortably.  It is advisable to check with your car insurance company to see how your surgery could affect your cover in the weeks following an operation.

Overnight Hospital Stay

Some operations require an overnight stay in hospital.  It is a good idea to pack the following items to make your stay as comfortable as possible: pyjamas, slippers, wash bag, hairbrush and a change of clothing.  To keep yourself occupied you may also wish to bring books or magazines, a notebook and pen or perhaps a tablet device or lap top.


To get the best results and to reduce risks it is strongly advised to stop smoking prior to surgery.